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Storm season tips and county storm shelter locations

Thursday, April 20, 2023 - According to past historical storm reports, the severe weather season for Sequoyah County and surrounding areas typically runs from March 20 to June 24. However, the peak of severe weather season for this area is April 24, which is only a few days away.

It’s crucial for residents to understand the importance of severe weather safety, especially when storms are forecast to hit during the overnight hours.

A couple of important things everyone should be aware of are the difference between a watch and a warning and where to seek shelter during these upcoming stormy nights.

A severe storm watch means that conditions are favorable for a severe storm to develop during the time frame of the watch. This doesn’t mean the area will for sure see a severe storm, but it warns residents of the possibility. A severe storm warning means that a severe storm meeting the criteria for severity limits of the National Weather Service is in the area or will soon be hitting the area.

If a tornado watch is issued, it means that the atmosphere is favorable for rotating storms to develop. This doesn’t mean that one will occur, but it provides communities with the possibility and alerts individuals to stay weather aware. A tornado warning means that a tornado can form at anytime, may be forming, or is already on the ground in the area the warning is for.

The Sequoyah County Emergency Management Office has provided a list of verified storm shelter locations in Sequoyah County.

Brushy Public School

Central Public School

Gans Public Schools

Gore Elementary School

Liberty Public School

Moffett Public Schools

Roland Public Schools

Roland Police Department

School shelters are only open to the public after school hours or when school is not in session to assure student safety during school hours.

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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