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Sallisaw woman charged with embezzlement

Saturday, December 16, 2022- A Sallisaw woman was charged Dec. 8 with embezzlement after she allegedly stole more than $4,000 from her Gans employer in 2021.

Loretta McCauley, 54, could face imprisonment in the Department of Corrections for up to five years or a fine of up to $5,000 or both if she is convicted.

On Dec. 6, 2021, a Sequoyah County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Gans Git-N-Go store in reference to a report of embezzlement.

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with Chad Warner, the store’s owner. He stated that around July 19, 2021, he started noticing credit card receipts in one of his employees’ paperwork that were not correct. McCauley was named as that employee.

Warner said he started paying closer attention to McCauley’s paperwork and noticed that when McCauley was working, she would swipe credit cards from patrons for purchases, and then swipe the cards for cash and pocket the cash. He said he had calculated that McCauley took $4,446.76 from his store.

Before involving law enforcement, Warner said he questioned McCauley on his own, and he recorded those interviews. According to a Sequoyah County sheriff’s investigator, during a videotaped conversation, McCauley admits several times to taking the money. She said she has several debts and a gambling addiction, which is why she stole the money.

In the recordings, McCauley agreed to pay the Warners back, but after a month or more of waiting for her to make payments, the couple said they have lost contact with her because she refuses to answer phone calls or text messages.

The investigator had no luck contacting McCauley, either.

Laura Brown, Staff Writer

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