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Sallisaw council votes to not renew Skelton's employment contract

Monday, June 10, 2024 - During the regular meeting of the Sallisaw City Commisioners held tonight, Monday, June 10, commissioners voted to not renew the employment contract of Sallisaw City Manager Keith Skelton.

Several Sallisaw residents were on hand at the meeting with a petition asking for Skelton's resignation. Sallisaw Mayor Ernie Martens read from the city charter and pointed out that according to the charter, petitions could only be considered for elected officials. Skelton is considered a city employee and is not an elected official. Therefore, a petition could not be considered. "This doesn't mean that we are not listening to what you said tonight," Mayor Martens told those in attendance. "We are listening to everything that you say."

Legal counsel also advised the city that the petition did not have any legal value and added that the correct number of signatures needed had not been obtained and that many of the signatures on the petition were of non-city residents. However, city commissioners did hear comments and statements from concerned citizens.

In response, Skelton stated that the petition was harassment and "a complete joke". He went on to address concerns regarding uncompleted projects and city growth. He also referred to a Facebook page that has "attacked" him and his family personally. He expressed his love for Sallisaw and the community.

Skelton's current contract expires June 30, 2024.

KXMX Staff Writer

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