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Road conditions update for Sequoyah County

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 - Residents across Sequoyah County are waking up this morning to find that the anticipated snowstorm many were expecting did not occur overnight. However, there are still some spots in the county that received enough snow to create dangerous road conditions.

Sequoyah County Emergency Management Director Garrett Fargo and Deputy Director Jonathan Teague have been out driving county roads since the early hours of the morning and have provided us with the following weather and road conditions update.

Road Conditions:

* I-40 from Gore to Dora is clear, but wet. You may encounter some light slushy areas, but it travelable.

* Highway 64 is clear from Gore to Fort Smith. Some light slushy areas, but travelable.

*Highway 59 south out of Sallisaw is clear. Wildhorse Mountain will have some light slushy areas.

*Highway 59 north out of Sallisaw is just wet until Brushy School turnoff. After that, the roads gradually have more and more accumulation. The Rocky Point area is completely covered and treacherous. By far the worst hit area in the county.

*Highway 101 from Highway 59 is clear until about three miles west of 64B. From there to Nicut, Long, and Short the roads become covered in heavy slush and snow.

*Highway 64B north of Muldrow is covered once you get to the higher elevations.

*Swon Road at Liberty School was the second worst hit area in the county. Once you get out of Roland and up the hill the road deteriorates rapidly.

*Old Highway 64 from Muldrow to Moffett has light slush in spots.

*Highway141 from Highway 64 through Gans to about three miles from Highway 59 south is slushy in spots. It gets clearer the further west you travel.

*The area around Sallisaw seems to be the least impacted by the snow. Roads are just wet with some slight slush in places.

*Highway 10A north of Gore is clear to Muskogee County.

*Highway 100 is wet. Some slushy spots picked up around the Highway 82 junction.

* Highway 82 is wet outside of Vian. Some light slush started on top of the mountain and continued to the county line.

*Evening Shade is fine on the lower 2/3. The upper 1/3 was the worst impacted road on the west end of the county.

*Sycamore Road to Pinhook Corner is wet with a few slushy areas..

*Dwight Mission is clear with a few slushy spots.

*Moonshine Road is fine on the lower part, but it is a little slushy near the top.

*Marble Hill on Highway 17 has light slush. Highway17 cleared up after the 90 degree turn.

Weather Update:

*The heaviest of the snow has moved out the county. Chance of flurries remain until later morning.

*ODOT and County workers are out removing snow.

*The air temperature is going to get around 40F today. No sun until tomorrow.

*This event was very dependent on higher elevations. The I-40 corridor through the county was impacted less than the higher elevations to the north. Accumulation totals range from trace to 6-7 inches for the county.

*The east end of the county was hit harder than the west side.

*Cookson Hills stated that they have been out since 5:30 pm yesterday dealing with sporadic outages involving wet, heavy snow breaking tree limbs in the Gans and Liberty areas. If you don’t have electricity, be sure to call it in. It could just be your home. OG&E are reporting no outages on their end. City of Sallisaw has no outages.

*As we get further into the day, temps will rise and things should clear up.

KXMX, Staff Writer

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