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Person life flighted following skydiving incident in Sallisaw

Saturday, February 18, 2023 - Officials have confirmed that a skydiving incident Saturday afternoon in Sallisaw left one person in critical condition.

The skydiver is believed to be a 44-year-old female from Poteau but their identity has not been confirmed or released at this time.

An eyewitness driving on Kerr Blvd, south of Sallisaw, stated that they saw the skydiver descending and although the parachute was open they could tell that something was not right by the way it was descending. They then saw the skydiver come down near a ditch just south of the airport between it and Sallisaw Ford. They appeared to be 7-8 feet from the Highway 59, according to the eyewitness.

The witness stated that a second skydiver landed near the incident and several vehicles were on the scene immediately. Another witness stated that the individual was given CPR and life-saving measures.

Officials have confirmed that the individual has been transported by emergency medical helicopter.

Sallisaw Chief of Police Terry Franklin stated that local authorities have been in contact with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and will be coordinating the investigation with them.

Other reports indicate that wind could have been a factor in the failed landing and that the parachute may have become twisted in the wind. It is believed that a secondary parachute may have been deployed.

KXMX Staff Writer

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