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Muldrow woman facing several charges after resisting arrest

Monday, August 8, 2022 - A Muldrow woman was charged Aug. 2 with third-degree burglary, public intoxication and resisting an officer.

Leeann Thibodeaux, 42, could face up to five years in prison on the burglary charge, a felony. The two misdemeanor charges carry shorter jail terms.

On July 27, a Sequoyah County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched in reference to a female trying to get inside the callers’ residence.

When the deputy arrived he found a woman dressed in black standing next to a dark blue car. He had the woman, identified as Thibodeaux, step away from the vehicle so he could try to identify her. While she was standing there, the deputy reportedly could smell alcohol and noticed that Thibodeaux was unsteady on her feet.

The deputy handcuffed Thibodeaux and informed her she was under arrest for public intoxication. Thibodeaux reportedly began to resist, and the deputy was forced to grab her by the shoulders and use a leg sweep to take her to the ground.

According to the deputy’s report, his forearm went across the woman’s neck and Thibodeaux acted as if she couldn’t breathe. They deputy changed his grip but Thibodeaux bit him in his right forearm. The deputy pulled his hand away and struck Thibodeaux three times in the head with a closed fist to stop her from resisting.

The individuals who initially reported Thibodeaux to law enforcement, told officers that when they returned from getting food they found the woman standing in their yard. They recognized Thibodeaux as an acquaintance of their father, so they called their father to see if Thibodeaux had his permission to be there. She did not.

Thibodeaux was then informed that she was not welcome and needed to leave. The man said Thibodeaux then starting walking toward him, so he went back inside the home and locked the door.

Thibodeaux then began beating on the door before eventually giving up and walking away, but the residents said they saw the woman going through two trucks in their driveway and she may have gotten in the swimming pool.

After the encounter with the deputy, Thibodeaux refused medical treatment and was transported to jail without further incident.

Andrea Adams, Staff Writer

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