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Muldrow Singer Gabrielle Gore’s First Album Debuts Friday

Updated: May 5, 2021

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - Muldrow singer Gabrielle Gore’s debut album, “I See You,” is set for release Friday, May 7, on Wonderment Records.

The 18-year-old recorded the album in October 2020 at Hilltop Recording Studio in Nashville, Tenn.

“It was incredible to walk into the recording studio in Nashville and to meet so many amazing musicians,” Gore said. “I’ll never forget the moment I heard my simple chords turned into full-fledged songs. It was amazing!”

The journey to that Nashville studio recording session began in 2018 when Gore attended a songwriting seminar in Van Buren, Ark., conducted by Royal Wade Kimes, a recording artist who has released 14 albums and written songs for Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Gene Watson and others.

“After attending Wade’s seminar, I started writing songs for what would become my debut album,” Gore explained. A year after the seminar, her mother, Monica, had a chance meeting with Kimes, during which she asked him to listen to her daughter’s music.

“I listened to a couple of songs they sent me,” Kimes remembered. “One particular song was a standout. So I met with Gabrielle and Monica. I started working with Gabrielle, which led to me producing 'I See You' and setting up that recording session in Nashville.”

Gore wrote or co-wrote five of the 10 songs on the album, including the title track. “The genesis for the song ‘I See You’ happened one Saturday morning when Wade and I were drinking coffee at his kitchen table,” she said. “Looking out the window, fog was rolling in. The idea for the lyrics came to me when I had a vision of what it would look like to see your love walking toward you through the fog.”

She started performing at age 4 at local veterans’ centers. “I’ve performed in local parks in front of 10 people and at rodeos in front of 10,000 people. I grew up singing on the stage, in community theater, county fairs and symphonies,” Gore said.

Gore, the current Miss Oklahoma City’s Outstanding Teen, is the founder of two programs benefiting America’s veterans. Through her Healing Heroes’ Hearts platform, she connects with and empowers wounded warriors. She created her Music for Veterans program after realizing the positive effect music therapy has on the human mind.

Gore’s album release party for “I See You” is set for Thursday, May 6, in Muldrow.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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