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Lunchtime drug deal ends in arrest

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 - A lunchtime crime led to the Dec. 28 arrest of a Sallisaw man on drug charges.

Christopher Goscinksi, 52, was charged with the distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, a felony. He was also charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, a misdemeanor.

On Dec. 28, several sheriff’s deputies were eating lunch at a local convenience store when one of them saw a man he recognized standing at a gas pump. They watched as he and another man, later identified as Goscinski, greeted each other beside a black sport-utility vehicle.

Goscinski then opened the SUV’s back hatch and began digging into a box. Several boxes and plastic totes were in the vehicle and covered with a blanket.

The officers then watched as Goscinski handed the man two multi-colored tubes, which they recognized as pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes.

The deputy who recognized the man then exited the store and asked Goscinski who he was, and then he asked what Goscinski had handed the other man.

Goscinski told the deputies that he was transporting medical marijuana, which appeared consistent with the locks on the box in the SUV.

Unable to find an inventory list for the drugs inside the vehicle, Goscinski was detained.

Because of the amount of drugs in the vehicle, deputies then had Goscinski’s SUV towed to the Sequoyah County jail.

The owner of the company Goscinski was transporting for was asked to pick up his medical marijuana inventory.

Laura Brown, Staff Writer

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