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Low COVID numbers reported at commissioners meeting

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 - On Monday, the Sequoyah County Commissioners held their 10 a.m. weekly meeting at the courthouse.

Consideration of resolutions, bids, and contracts included a discussion about renewing the equipment rental contract with Stanley Systems-Sequoyah County Health Department. The contract was approved contingent upon the DA’s approval.

During the citizens' presentation portion of the meeting, Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane announced that he was recently appointed to the South East Region’s sheriff’s association.

The next citizen report came from Sequoyah County Emergency Manager Steve Rutherford. Rutherford gave a positive report regarding the most recent numbers of active COVID cases.

Rutherford stated, "The last COVID report, which came in last week, showed that there were only 26 positive COVID cases in Sequoyah County."

Sequoyah County commissioners applauded the work of OSU Extension Agent Jace Goodwin for his coordination efforts of the 2022 Sequoyah County Junior Livestock Show. This was Goodwin’s first action of duty after taking on his role, and his work did not go unnoticed.

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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