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Commissioners declare April as Child Abuse Awareness Month

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - On Monday, the Sequoyah County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of signing a proclamation declaring the month of April as Child Abuse Awareness Month for Sequoyah County. The proclamation signing took place at 10 a.m. during the commissioners regularly scheduled weekly meeting at the courthouse.

"About 1 in every 3 children will experience some sort of child abuse in their lifetime. Child abuse is not just sexual or physical abuse; children can also be victims of child abuse when exposed to domestic violence situations. Children who witness domestic violence often learn to express their feelings of anger through aggression," Investigator Cindy Smith with the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department said.

During new business, commissioners gave their approval to participate in the 2022 global opioid settlements with CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Allergan, and Teva. This includes agreeing to the terms of the global settlements, the release of all claims against these entities, and the permissible uses of monies received pursuant to the settlements for opioid abatement.

In addition, the approval includes the designation of an authorized representative to sign the subdivision participation forms to finalize participation in settlements.

During the citizen presentation portion of the meeting, the business office manager for the Sequoyah County 911 Center, Sheila Comer, said, "Today is National Tele-Communications Week, recognizing all the tele-communicators across the nation. In 2022, our 911 center answered over 66,000 calls, dispatching over 16,000 EMS, over 26,000 law enforcement, and over 10,000 fire calls. So if you see a dispatcher, make sure to give them a shout out and tell them how much you appreciate what they do for our county."

Commissioners also approved accepting payment from the Cherokee Nation for law enforcement services provided by the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office.

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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