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Run-ins with police land Marble City man in hot water

Mark Bradley Green

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - A 52-year-old Marble City man is facing a possible penitentiary sentence in two separate cases, court records show. He was arrested March 4 and charged with the unlawful possession of a controlled drug (methamphetamine).

Mark Bradley Green, 52, could face up to five years in the Department of Corrections if he is convicted. The drug possession count carries a penalty of imprisonment in the Department of Corrections for up to five years and a fine of no more than $20,000, while the paraphernalia charge is a misdemeanor.

On Feb. 3, a deputy was patrolling eastbound on Highway 64 when he spotted a dark-colored Jeep turning east. When the Jeep made the turn, the vehicle crossed into the westbound lane, then moved back into the eastbound lane, which prompted the deputy to stop the vehicle.

The deputy spoke with the driver, Green, and his passenger, John Jumper Jr. The officer asked Green to come back to the patrol vehicle so the deputy could write him a warning ticket. Jumper then got out of the Jeep and walked back to the car and sat in the patrol car.

When the deputy asked dispatch to check Green’s identification, he noticed that the man was fidgeting and seemingly nervous. The officer then went back to see if the Jeep’s VIN matched the one listed on Green’s proof of insurance. Jumper also returned to the Jeep with the deputy, which allowed law enforcement to ask him some additional questions. In his answers, the deputy noticed that Jumper seemed to show the same symptoms as Green, court documents show.

The deputy then returned to his patrol car to give Green his insurance card. As the man was exiting the patrol car, the law enforcement officer asked Green if there was anything illegal in the car, to which he responded “no,” and gave the deputy permission to search the Jeep, records show.

The search turned up four clear plastic baggies and another baggie containing a white napkin with a white crystal-like substance, the affidavit states. A look in the glove box revealed that the screws around the glove box appeared to have been removed then replaced, according to the probable cause affidavit, leading the deputy to look behind. He found a round package wrapped in black electrical tape. Inside the tape was a paper towel that was wrapped around a brown plastic bag containing a white crystalline substance.

In an interview with deputies, Green said the drugs weren’t his and that the items collected at the scene belonged to Jumper, but Jumper told the officers he thought the cache of drugs belonged to an unnamed woman.

Green and Jumper were then handcuffed and transported to jail.

In a separate case, a felony arrest warrant for Green was issued March 8 on charges of grand larceny and entering with intent to steal copper, both felonies. In that case, the 52-year-old could face two years in the State Penitentiary if he is convicted of the larceny charge. He faces up to five years in the penitentiary and a fine of up to $500 on the copper stealing count.

On Feb. 28, a Sequoyah County deputy was dispatched to the Polycore quarry in Marble City in reference to stolen wire.

When the deputy arrived at the location he spoke with James Dehart, who said workers noticed a cart at the entry gate when they arrived at work, and the reporting party said the cart is usually near the quarry’s buildings. Seeing the out-of-place cart led Dehart to check the security camera.

The video revealed that around 12:30 a.m., a dark-colored vehicle pulled up on the road near the facility and three unknown people exited the vehicle and approached the facility. The three were also spotted on camera rolling a cart toward the front with a pile of wire on it. Dehart said the wire was valued at about $1,000.

Dehart provided camera footage and photos to investigators, and a further inquiry revealed that Green had sold scrap metal worth $262.15 to a scrap metal business in Fort Smith.

Green has a lengthy criminal history that includes convictions for grand larceny, copper theft, drug charges and more, court records show.

Laura Brown, Staff Writer

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