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Muldrow man leads police on high-speed chase

Thursday, July 8, 2021 - A felony arrest warrant was issued June 28 for a Muldrow man charged with attempting to elude a police officer.

Jackie Shane Haneberg, 29, allegedly fled from a Roland police officer during an attempted traffic stop June 18.

According to court records, the Roland officer spotted a silver Lincoln with Arkansas tags traveling westbound on East Dorcus Street. The officer watched as the car pulled into a residence. Because of recent break-ins and thefts and because the officer knew the car did not belong at that residence, he pulled into the parking lot of a nearby cabinet shop to observe the Lincoln, which soon pulled back onto the road, traveling west again on East Dorcus, then north on Grant Street. With the officer following, the Lincoln then turned east on Carr Street at a high rate of speed. The officer traveled east and headed north onto Daniel Street from East Dorcus, where he met the Lincoln head-on. The officer noticed that the driver was a white male with long, brown hair and a white T-shirt.

The officer turned around and saw the Lincoln run the stop sign, still traveling at a high rate of speed and travel eastbound on East Dorcus. He initiated his emergency lights and sirens, but the Lincoln continued traveling, this time in excess of 100 mph. About a quarter-mile past McGuire Loop and traveling east on 1100 Road, the Lincoln, still going over 100 mph, caused a green Jeep to move to the shoulder of the road and stop when the vehicles met at the crest of a hill.

The Lincoln then passed a silver Mustang on the left as it was traveling east on 1100 Road near Cosner Road. It failed to stop at the intersection of 4800 Road and East 1100 Road and continued eastbound. The car then passed several vehicles, even though visibility was poor.

The vehicle then turned north from East 1100 Road, running the stop sign onto Highway 64D. It passed a black GMC sport-utility vehicle while it was on a curve in a no-passing zone in the southbound lane.

At the railroad crossing on Highway 64D and Blue Mouse Road, the Lincoln drove onto the shoulder while passing a white extended-cab Chevy pickup at speeds in excess of 70 mph. The vehicle then continued northbound, passing the Interstate 40 eastbound exit. As it drove around the corner it nearly struck a black Ford F-150 that was attempting to move over to the shoulder of the road at Dora Road and Greenwood Road. The Lincoln then drove into the yard of a residence, then continued northbound through the yards and back onto the roadway and onto Dora Road over the I-40 overpass. The car then drove eastbound on Dora Road, passing Stateline Road until it came to the I-40 westbound exit and Dora Road, where the Lincoln headed eastbound onto the westbound lane, driving into oncoming traffic and causing a black Chevy pickup to swerve to miss the Lincoln. The Lincoln then forced a green Ford Ranger to the shoulder of the road to avoid a head-on collision.

The Lincoln then drove onto Interstate 40, traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes, forcing traffic to the shoulder of the road. The vehicle then swerved off the road into a ditch, driving through a fence onto Dora Road. After driving through the fence, the driver exited the Lincoln and ran from the vehicle.

A cell phone found in the Lincoln had an email pulled up on its screen that helped identify Haneberg as the driver.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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