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Muldrow man faces burglary charge

Thursday, March 2, 2023 - A Muldrow man was charged Feb. 13 with second-degree burglary, according to court records.

Eldon Michael Howard, 31, could face up to seven years in prison if he is convicted of the felony charge. He was also charged with misdemeanor malicious injury to property (under $1,000).

On Feb. 13, a Muldrow police officer received a call about a male breaking into a trailer. When he arrived at the residence, the officer spoke with Jacob McElhaney, who pointed out that several items near an SUV in the driveway that were out of place.

There was a small, enclosed trailer at the side of the residence and the officer was informed that the latches were unsecured, which McElhaney said was unusual. The officer noticed a screen had been pulled off a bedroom window at the residence and that the window was partially open. The officer then went around to the front of the property when the reporting party pointed out that a man was still in the backyard inside the fence.

When the officer looked over the fence, he spotted a white male wearing black gloves trying to climb over the fence. He was ordered to the ground and placed in handcuffs. After being read his Miranda warning, the man said someone had sent him to the residence to get some items from the house.

Inside the home, court records show that several cabinet doors were open and trim was pulled off the walls. In a child’s room, a closet shelf had been knocked down. In the home’s driveway, the officer found a backpack loaded with several papers, an old phone and other items, including a wallet with an Arkansas Wastewater treatment certification card with the victim’s name on it.

The man, later identified as Howard, told the officer that he was the victim’s cousin, and he claimed he had been sent by family members to get some items from the home. He stated that the items in the driveway were from him and that they came from a closet in the house after entering through a window. When asked about the shelf in the closet, Howard said it fell because he had been hiding in the closet for about half an hour.

He was then transported to the Muldrow Police Department and later to jail.

Laura Brown, Staff Writer

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