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Sequoyah County deputy attacked by dog during arrest

Sequoyah County Deputy Jason Stone

immediately following Monday's dog attack.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021 - On Monday, December 20 a Sequoyah County deputy was attacked by a pit bull while attempting to arrest the dog's owner.

According to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's department, Deputy Jason Stone was assisting the Sallisaw Police Department in an investigation involving a runaway juvenile when the attack occurred. The dog’s owner reportedly assaulted Deputy Stone and began fighting with him and the dog then attacked the deputy.

The dog's owner was arrested at the time of the incident. The dog, which did not have its shots, was placed in quarantine.

The deputy suffered deep puncture wounds and was immediately taken to the emergency room.

On Tuesday, Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane provided an update on Stone saying, "The hospital did not stitch up the wounds, but rather left them open due to potential infection setting up. Stone is currently on antibiotics and is changing the wound dressing often. The ER did X-rays because they thought he might have a broken bone in his leg, but nothing was found to be broken. Stone says he is OK but very sore today."

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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