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Roland woman charged with child endangerment

Thursday, March 17, 2022 - A Roland woman was charged March 1 with child endangerment by driving under the influence, court records reveal.

Mandy Lynn Kimani, 39, faces up to four years in prison and/or a fine of $5,000 if she is convicted of the felony. She was also charged with driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor that could add an additional $1,000 fine and imprisonment for 10 days to up to one year to her penalty.

On Feb. 14, Roland police received a report that Kimani had just picked up children from school and was intoxicated.

Police on their way toward the school spotted the Kimani's Saturn waiting to approach Roland Road from Ranger Boulevard. An officer stopped in a parking lot to observe Kimani’s driving and watched Kimani turn off Ranger directly in front of the assistant police chief, who had to brake suddenly to avoid a collision.

When police got Kimani to stop, they reportedly noticed that Kimani’s speech was slurred and she smelled of alcohol. Her two children were sitting in the back seat of the vehicle.

While exiting her car, Kimani was unsteady on her feet, but told officers she hadn’t been drinking, but an open – and almost finished -- bottle of Fireball was found in the vehicle’s passenger seat.

Kimani failed several field-sobriety tests and a preliminary breath test result was .14. She was then arrested and a family member was called to pick up the children.

Once at the police department, officers observed an irate Kimani yelling that she had mental issues and needed to go to a Fort Smith hospital. Officers told her they couldn’t take her there and she said they “had to” because she wanted to harm herself.

Kimani was then transported to the Sequoyah County Detention Center, but on the way, she reportedly tried several times to break a window by head-butting it.

Andrea Adams, Staff Writer

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