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Group hoping to bring dog park to community

Monday, March 21, 2022 - Living in the city requires a lot of attention to rules and regulations for pet owners. Although these rules exist for a very good reason, they still create barriers for many pet owners.

That is why one local group decided a dog park would make for a great community project.

During a Leadership III Class, participants developed a plan for the dog park as part of their class assignment. The Leadership III Class is a continuation of the leadership I and II classes held through the Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce.

The group was asked to develop a community project utilizing the knowledge, skills, and resources gained from prior classes. Leadership III committee member Heather Silva said, "We felt a dog park here in Sallisaw would be beneficial to the community by providing a designated spot in town just for dogs to run and play."

For those who are unaware, a dog park is a fenced-in area that allows dog owners the opportunity to unleash their four-legged friends to run free and socialize in a safe environment. Dog parks can be very beneficial to pet owners with disabilities, the elderly, as well as those who live in apartments or duplexes. They also encourage and teach accountability regarding pet ownership.

Silva stated, "We also feel that a dog park would have the potential to boost the economy by bringing in those from nearby towns as well as travelers that are just passing through the area. This could help generate revenue for our local restaurants and businesses in town."

Although the project is still in the development stage, there is a possibility that it could be located on the west side of town near Sallisaw Creek Park. Organizers hope to feature agility toys for the dogs, a pet fountain, benches, and picnic tables within the site.

The group is currently looking at potential funding sources, which could include financial assistance and guidance through the city, potential grants, and community donations.

"We are hopeful to see our vision come to life with many pet adoption parties being hosted at the park by the Sallisaw Animal Shelter," Silva added.

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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