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Gore woman charged with unlawful use of credit card

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - An arrest warrant was filed Aug. 23 for a Gore woman accused of the unauthorized use of her grandmother's credit card.

On April 22, a Sallisaw police officer received a call from the teller supervisor of a Gore bank. The supervisor reported that a woman was disputing charges that were made on her debit card, allegedly by her grandchildren, Destiny Desiree Malone, 23, and Lee Henderson IV.

Bank records revealed transactions made by Malone in which she pulled money from her grandmother's account and transferred the funds to a cash app in her name. Between April 2 and April 22, several transactions totaling $2,300 were made. Records also showed transactions made with the debit card to a Facebook Pay app in the name of Lee Henderson on April 14, April 16 and April 17, totaling $404.

The day the police came to take the report, the bank official told the officer Henderson had come to the bank that day with his grandparents and was outside in the car. The officer went outside to speak with him. Henderson said he had used the card three times to help his girlfriend, Mallory, get her water turned back on. He said he intended to pay his grandmother back.

Henderson agreed to fill out a statement, which he agreed to bring back to the Police Department by 10 a.m. the next day. The officer also asked Henderson to bring Malone with him.

After everyone left the bank, the officer went back to speak with the teller supervisor, who said the bank was going to rule in favor of the grandmother in the dispute and return the money taken from her account and that since the bank was covering the lost funds, they wanted to file charges against Malone and Henderson.

Henderson returned to the PD to file his statement in the case, but Malone was not with him, and multiple attempts to reach her were unsuccessful. On Aug. 2, Malone was incarcerated at the Sequoyah County Jail on unrelated charges. She was finally interviewed there, telling officers she had intended to return the money when she got a new job. She said that during the time of the illegal transactions, she had been using illegal drugs.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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