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County COVID numbers on the rise

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 - Sequoyah County Emergency Manager Steve Rutherford and Michele Cruz with Pafford EMS reported that COVID-19 is on the rise once again in Sequoyah County. Cruz stated, "Over the past week we have seen COVID affecting not only the public but our staff as well."

Rutherford said, "Last Thursday’s COVID numbers showed an increase in Sequoyah County, which averaged 31-37 active cases last week."

"With regards to Sequoyah County, according to the New York Times, over the past two weeks COVID cases have increased by 30%. As for the state of Oklahoma, over the same duration of time, COVID cases have increased by 41%, "stated Sequoyah County Health Department’s regional epidemiologist, Daniel Ortiz, MD.

"In response to what people can do to protect themselves, at the forefront is getting the COVID-19 vaccination. This remains to be the most effective intervention against COVID. In addition, we recommend wearing a high-quality mask, which may be available for free at your local pharmacy. If you are able to hold events outside, that is preferable compared to indoor events, and keeping a distance of six feet from others offers another layer of protection," Ortiz added.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID, please stay home and make sure to get tested for COVID-19.

To stay updated with the latest active cases where you live, you can go to the Sequoyah county health department website. The health department releases new county wide COVID-19 numbers each Thursday, including the most recent updates regarding CDC guidelines.

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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