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City of Sallisaw applies for grant to continue improvements at popular walking trail

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - On February 28, the City of Sallisaw submitted their application for the recreational trails grant through the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Parks Department.

Economic Development director for the City of Sallisaw, George Bormann, said, "We are wanting to make improvements to the Sequoyah Trail, which was also funded through the recreational trails program in June 2020."

The grant proposal highlights three areas of improvement the city is currently focusing on.

The first improvement that is being focused on is the addition of 55 solar lights, which would be operated off of 12-volt batteries. The solar lights would be placed around the one-mile concrete trail, which has become very popular with joggers and walkers.

Bormann stated, "This is roughly one solar light per every 100 feet, which would improve the trail and the safety of those who utilize it."

Next would be the addition of two solar canopy style benches. Bormann said, "The benches would not only provide lighting, but they would also serve as charging stations so that trail visitors would have the ability to charge their phones and devices."

The last improvement comes as the city seeks to add playground equipment to the trail. The addition of playground equipment would benefit both children and their parents and would assist in promoting healthy lifestyles.

The grant, if awarded, would be for $330,000. The city would be responsible for 20% of the cost, which would be roughly $66,000.

The Sequoyah Trail is located at the Sallisaw Sports Complex just east of town.

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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