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Arrest Warrant Issued for Noisy, Cannon Firing Blackgum Man

Friday, May 7, 2021 - An arrest warrant has been issued for Donald “Donny” Jamison, of Blackgum, for Disturbing the Peace. Over the last month the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls and complaints about continual, very loud explosions coming from a residence in the Blackgum community, according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane.

Deputy Charles Webber recently responded to a call in regard to the disturbance. The reporting party stated that Jamison was setting off a propane cannon every few minutes, allegedly to scare off birds. While taking the complaint Webber was approached by several other residents of that area wanting to file similar complaints against Jamison.

Webber stated in his written report that he also heard the continual explosions. Webber timed the explosions and noted that they were going off every 45 seconds. This continued throughout the time that Deputy Webber met with all of the neighbors and took their statements.

An elderly woman, who lives across the road from Jamison, stated that the continual explosions scare her small dog and her husband. She explained to the deputy that her husband has stage four cancer and is unable to rest and is “stressed out” from the constant barrage of cannon fire.

Another neighbor stated that he has severe PTSD and the cannon fire is causing him “all kinds of problems.”

The deputy also met with a dozer operator who stated that while he was working on a neighbor’s property, he was confronted by a hostile Jamison and was told by Jamison that he was going to set the cannons off every 40 seconds just to harass some neighbors. He further stated that he then saw Jamison move the cannons from the other side of the property to within 50 yards of the neighbor’s fence.

Jamison's property had a closed gate that prevented the deputy from making contact with him at the time he took the reports.

Webber was able to contact Jamison by phone the following day. Jamison stated that he was authorized by the Federal Wildlife Authority to use the cannons for black head vulture control. Webber asked Jamison if he could slow down the frequency of the explosions and Jamison said, “The neighbors are full of s*&% and I can make as much noise as I want.”

Webber informed Jamison that he was in violation of the state statute of Disturbing the Peace. Jamison responded, “No county deputy is gonna tell me what to do.”

Sheriff Larry Lane stated that he lives less than a mile from Jamison and has personally received approximately a dozen calls and complaints about the explosions from very unhappy neighbors. “I live about a mile away and the explosions bother me too,” Lane said. “I’ve had deputies go over there and try to contact Jamison several times. The gate is always locked and they have been unable to get an answer by phone.”

Sheriff Lane further stated that after Deputy Webber turned in the report to the District Attorney’s office, one of the Assistant District Attorneys contacted the Oklahoma Wildlife Dpartment and was told that they had not given Jamison permission to use the cannons.

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