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Pratt facing additional charges following arrest on first degree murder charge

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 - A Sallisaw woman was arrested Nov. 11 in Muldrow and charged with trafficking in illegal drugs (methamphetamine), a felony, according to the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s office.

Pratt was also charged with the unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

On Nov. 10 a deputy received information about the whereabouts of Shawna Pratt, 52, of Gans.

Armed with an arrest warrant, deputies went to a residence, but a few moments later, a blue BMW came barreling down the driveway, with Pratt behind the wheel.

Deputies then initiated their emergency lights for a traffic stop, but Pratt reportedly tried to drive around them. The officers were subsequently able to get Pratt out of the car.

When told she was under arrest, Pratt asked if it was for a murder charge. At that point, Pratt began punching herself in the head and face. As deputies moved to handcuff the woman, she tried to pull away from the handcuffs.

While deputies battled with Pratt, one of the deputies was bitten in the back of his leg.

Pratt was also charged with first degree murder as related to the overdose death of Joshua Choate on April 7. Choate was in Pratt's home at the time of his death and allegedly purchased a fentanyl pill from Pratt just prior to his death.

Laura Brown, Staff Writer

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