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Manhunt ends in Sequoyah County arrest

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - A manhunt in Sequoyah County ended safely April 29 after sheriff’s deputies were alerted about a sighting of a suspect, Demariae Ware, 30, who witnesses said was walking in the area of Sanders and MLK Boulevard in Vian. Ware had a felony arrest warrant in Sequoyah County stemming from a previous incident.

A few hours later, the deputy spotted Ware walking through a yard on the corner of Sanders and MLK. Ware reportedly stopped to speak to another male at the property, then took off running toward a camper on the property. The deputy sped off on pursuit.

Speaking with neighbors, the deputy said they hadn’t seen Ware run through the area.

Realizing the suspect couldn’t be that far away, a deputy remained near a residence in Vian, where he spoke with a different male subject, who eventually admitted that Ware was hiding in a camper nearby.

Once the location was identified, area law enforcement officers went into action, approaching the camper. The door was chained and locked. After announcing themselves, the deputies moved in.

As Ware began exiting the camper, he again tried to run toward officers. Ware tackled one deputy, dislocating his shoulder, while two others assisted in bringing down the suspect. According to the affidavit, Ware was unaffected after being Tased twice.

Shortly after the Taser incidents and pepper spraying, Ware exited the building without further prompting.

Laura Brown, Staff Writer

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