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CREOKS Behavioral Health announces plans for adult crisis center in Sallisaw

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - Last week, the CREOKS Behavioral Health Facility announced plans to open an adult crisis center in Sequoyah County. The crisis center will now be located at 601 W. Choctaw Ave. in Sallisaw.

"The new facility will be a 24-hour locked facility for adults who will receive treatment for behaviors such as suicidal ideation or being a threat to themselves or others," said Brian Ormsby, CREOKS's Director of Crisis Services.

Crisis centers are places of stabilization that offer the community access to mental health and substance use services in a crisis-type setting.

"The nearest crisis center to Sallisaw is an hour and a half away, so this facility is definitely needed in Sequoyah County," Ormsby added.

The crisis center will operate with four beds and four chairs. The chairs are similar to a recliner you would see in a hospital room. Chairs are available for 23 hours and 59 minutes.

"It’s basically a place to chill and regain stabilization. If a person stabilizes, we get them back into the community, and if they don't, we will move them to a bed," Ormsby explained.

The agency will also be moving all adult services to the new location so they can be operated under one roof. The current CREOKS location on Highway 59 will then transition to all children’s services.

Ormsby stated, "I am not sure at this time when we will officially break ground, however, I do know it’s going to be quick."

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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