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Commissioners apply for Opioid Abatement Grant

Monday, October 23, 2023 - During the commissioners' weekly meeting Monday morning at the courthouse, several important decisions and approvals were made.

The commissioners discussed and approved a letter of intent to apply for the Oklahoma Opioid Abatement grant. This letter indicates the county's intention to seek the grant.

If approved, the grant would support various aspects related to the opioid epidemic, including funding for law enforcement and emergency responders. This would cover expenses associated with responding to emergency medical or police calls related to the opioid epidemic.

Commissioners also approved a Hazard Mitigation Planning Project Reimbursement Letter for Sequoyah County Emergency Management.

A Permit Compliance Certification form, in relation to the final inspection report on Indian Road Site D in Sequoyah County for District #2, was discussed and approved.

In addition, there was approval to appoint Jonathan Teague as the Director of Sequoyah County Emergency Management.

Lindsie Dyer, KXMX Staff Writer

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