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City commissioners vote against sale of Sallisaw Landfill

Tuesday, June 6, 2023 - A special meeting was held Monday, June 5 by the Sallisaw City Council to continue discussion of the proposed sale of the Sallisaw Landfill to CARDS Holdings Inc.

During the meeting Sallisaw City Manager Keith Skelton presented a letter of intent provided by the city's lawyers as well as CARDS lawyers in attempt to purchase or partner with the Sallisaw Landfill as well as the city's sanitation department. This letter of intent was quickly denied by the commissioners and Mayor Ernie Martens with a 4-1 vote against the LOI.

City Commissioner Ronnie Lowe voted yes to the LOI and stated his reasoning was based on the amount of good that could be done for the the City of Sallisaw with the money from the landfill sale.

Skelton stated after the vote that he does have concerns regarding the future costs related to maintenance and upkeep of the landfill. He stated that considering the current state of the landfill, the cost could be in the millions. He also stated that these needs could lead to a rise in dump and tip fees.

Mayor Martens, who voted no on the sale of the landfill, stated that he and the city staff had been attacked on social media over the landfill discussion. He stated that rumors were spread and false information had been released. "I will never vote to sell that landfill. I think we need to find a way to increase our tonnage or come up with a partnership to increase the revenue of our landfill, and we will always take competitive bids for everything we do," stated Martens.

Kenneth Holzhammer, Staff Writer

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