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CASC receives high rankings on recent graduate survey

Tuesday, August 1, 2023 - The results of a recent graduate survey distributed to spring Carl Albert State College graduates have been overwhelmingly positive, according to CASC administration.

Graduates reported high satisfaction levels with their program and an increased sense of accomplishment upon completing their studies. They also noted improved job prospects and better career opportunities as a result of their degree.

“Our graduates have expressed deep pride in being part of Carl Albert State College, and many look forward to staying connected,” said President Jay Falkner. “This is great news for our institution, and we are proud to offer such an enriching experience for our graduates!”

Highlights of the survey:

- 98% of students surveyed report that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their online learning experience.

- 91% of students surveyed reported that they would again take an online course.

- 70% of students surveyed reported that their perception of CASC was better or much better after attending the institution versus before.

“We’re proud of the positive qualitative data gathered, too,” reported Kelly Kellogg, Director of Institutional Effectiveness. “We gathered comments and feedback as additional data to help us identify key areas of improvement.”

Positive feedback:

- “Carl Albert was perfect for me. I wasn’t ready to attend a big school and had the idea that the only way to get a degree was by attending a class in person. With Carl Albert I was able to graduate in the comfort of my home!”

- “I have really enjoyed my journey at Carl Albert while seeking my Allied Health degree. The exceptional help from Carl Albert staff and students has helped me in choosing to continue my education here in the nursing program!”

- "I have grown to Love Carl Albert and what it offers ... I wish I would've chosen Carl Albert as my college the first time."

The fall semester is rapidly approaching, and enrollment is open. For more information, visit

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