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CASC continues to offer free tuition to high school juniors and seniors

Friday, April 22, 2022 - The value of concurrent enrollment has been a given to the officials of Carl Albert State College for many years. The statistics speak for themselves: over 80 percent of LeFlore and Sequoyah county students who take college courses while they are in high school will continue their education the following year as a first-time freshman student. Less than 30 percent of local students who do not take concurrent courses while in high school will begin college after their graduation. That is a difference of more than 50 percent.

For this reason, CASC continues to offer free tuition to qualified high school juniors and seniors for many years and expanded its course offerings into area high schools through the use of Zoom technology.

At CASC, qualified high school seniors are eligible to enroll in up to 18 tuition-free hours for the year, and qualified high school juniors can enroll in up to 12 tuition-free hours for the year.

But CASC has now boosted the concurrent program with the addition of the Preferred Viking program. Beginning this summer, a three-credit-hour tuition waiver will be offered to graduating concurrent seniors who meet the following criteria:

- Completed classes at CASC concurrently during their senior year of high school

- Plan to attend CASC or another college or university in the fall

Students must use this tuition waiver during the academic year following their high school graduation (summer, fall, or spring).

Students must have graduated high school and be enrolled in courses at an accredited college or university. Students who took concurrent classes through CASC in high school and are currently enrolled in college courses are eligible for Preferred Viking status.

“The Preferred Viking program has the potential to save parents and students an average of $324 per course compared to a four-year institution,” said Bill Nowlin, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. “They don’t have to attend CASC as a freshman to take advantage of this, either. They simply have to enroll as a high school concurrent student. Doing so will help them down the road, financially.”

“We have made the institutional choice to financially invest in the concurrent program on multiple levels,” said Dr. Jay Falkner, CASC President. “We’ve done this because we know how important it is to get our local students in the educational pipeline and thinking about college long before they graduate. We’ve seen first-hand the positive impact our investment has made in our communities.”

CASC’s fall classes begin on Aug. 17, and students can enroll through Aug. 23. High school juniors and seniors who are interested in taking advantage of this program can contact their high school counselor or call the CASC Admissions office for more information at 918-647-1300.

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