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Brushy Park and Campground to re-open January 4

Friday, December 31, 2021 - The City of Sallisaw has announced the re-opening of the Brushy Lake Campground. The park, which has been closed for the past four months, will re-open on January 4.

Sallisaw City Manager Keith Skelton said, "The campground was closed on September 13 to allow the city to complete much-needed repairs throughout the park."

Items addressed during the park's closure include:

• Replacement of all electrical hookups at each campsite. This included running new electric lines and conduit across all of the park.

• Replaced all water lines in the park, along with new frost-free hydrants at most of the camp sites.

• Overall cleaning, painting, and repair of restroom and shower areas.

• Placement of gravel at most of the camp sites to eliminate muddy conditions.

• Placement of new LED security lights in the park.

According to city officials, there are areas of the park that they are continuing to improve. One specific area is the bathrooms. The smaller bathrooms will be open to the public while the big bathrooms will remain closed for additional remodeling.

To learn more about the Brushy Lake Campground, you can go to the City of Sallisaw’s website at

Lindsie Dyer, Staff Writer

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